Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Studio 12, The Model House, Llantrisant

I've got the keys and here it is.  I wish I was a better photographer but I think you'll get the idea.
The Model House itself was originally the workhouse and has been sympathetically renovated.

The studio is approximately 4.5 metres square and has this lovely sash window giving lots of light.  even more light pours in from the vaulted ceiling
There is a real open feeling because of the height and helps create an open feeling.
Not all the studios have a sink but for making felt it's really important to me so I was really pleased that studio 12 had one.
The only negative is the flooring which desperately needs to be replaced.  I think the carpet was originally red but at some point was sprayed black.  whoever sprayed it didn't bother to move furniture, just sprayed around it so there are red squares where I'm assuming cupboards and filing cabinets sat.  I'm going to get something like vinyl flooring put down as soon as I can.

At the moment all the windows to the public areas are covered with a combination of curtains and blinds and  so these can remain until the studio is 'sorted' and I can have a studio opening, hopefully inviting family and friends.  Hopefully next week I'll have made progress and I'll have more to show you,
Ann x

Friday, 4 January 2013

I'm so excited. I get the studio keys on Monday. The last time I saw it the potential was obvious but the room was full of 'stuff'. I'm really hoping it's been cleared!
I've been filling my time with planning. I've obviously got all my materials and equipment so my main focus is display and storage. I'd really love to use upcycled storage. Look at these!!!

Time and budget makes this unrealistic so it's probably going to be the IKEA route initially and I'm perfectly fine with that,

there's lots of potential to be creative with IKEA storage and I can continue to add in more unique pieces when and where the opportunities present themselves. I love trawling second hand/charity shops so I'll pick up pieces and work on them.

I'll get some pictures taken on Monday so I can do that 'before and after'. See you soon.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Model House, Llantrisant
Maybe I've jumped the gun a bit with this blog but I'm about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of my life. Not a literal journey in the true sense but from January 2013 I will be a resident artist at 'The Model House' Old Llantrisant. I'll be officially an 'artist in residence' on January 7th so until then no photographs of the studio itself to show you but, as soon as I'm in, they'll be here. 
The setting is absolutely perfect. My studio is on the third floor but don't let that stop you visiting me, there is a lift as an alternative to the stairs. The studio itself has a huge window so it's light and bright. There's quite a bit to do to get it exactly as I want it but I'm so excited and committed that I’ll have it done in no time.
The studio will allow me to do everything in one setting, not just work, but to display and very importantly hold regular workshops. I've designed the work space with that in mind. A work area with sink and surface for dyeing wool tops and yarn and make wet felt, all the 'messy work'. Then my beautiful old chair will sit under the window so I can do all my knitting, needle felting.
 I've room for a large table we can all sit around for workshops and I can use the walls for my pictures and wall hangings. I'll have to find a display unit for some of my finished work, the felting wool, yarn and kits I hope to sell. I'm going to have to do it on a tight budget so I'm going to do some more research. Have any of you got any images of your studios/ workshops I could look at?